Let’s Write Our Sacred Stories Together

Every story is a sacred story.

Whether it is a story of your expansion of consciousness, or a personal challenge or triumph. A story that has broken your spirit or mended your heart. It is your story and it is my story. It is the story of our Collective Consciousness and it is sacred.

There is a power and a resonance in our stories, our shared experiences. I have learned that in the experience of our story is the emotion and in the emotion is our gift.

In the gift of emotion is where we find compassion and expand our awareness of the whole. It is where community and a circle of support are valued and necessary.

You are not alone. We invite you to join us and become a sacred part of our greater collective story. Let us support you on your personal journey as together we bring great positive change to our world.

To all of us and our beautiful Sacred Stories,

Rev. Patricia Cagganello

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We are here to bring great healing to this world. This is an honor and a privilege that we freely chose. As embodied Spirits, I invite you to join with us in spiritual community. Together we will explore, share, and support each other on our spiritual journeys bringing the love and Light of all that is sacred back to this world.

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Start creating your own Sacred Story

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