Welcome to Sacred Stories!

Our mission at Sacred Stories is to create empowering and supportive platforms to allow the beautiful Divine voices of today to be shared and heard. We believe it is time to raise our awareness and the vibration of our planet to one of respect and honor for the sacred nature of ourselves and of all living beings.

One of my favorite quotes attributed to Meister Eckhart, a 13th century philosopher and mystic is

“Where there is Isness, there God is.”

I invite you to join us as together we shift our awareness to the Isness. In service, Sacred Stories embraces traditional and non-traditional approaches to spiritual and religious connection creating a container in which everyone can find a resonance.

Thank you for being an important and sacred part of our collective story, the fullness of our Divine expression. Stay connected with us in community and let’s write our Sacred Stories together.

Meet Rev. Patricia!

Rev. Patricia Cagganello is CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories, an online media network designed to create empowering and supportive platforms to allow the spiritual voices of today to be heard.

Sacred Stories includes a book publishing and marketing company, an online telesummit series, podcasting, On Air video series, The Owl magazine, and our online education division Sacred U.

Rev. Patricia is ordained from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York and she has earned her Masters of Arts in Education and her Bachelors of Science in Business. She worked in the corporate and educational worlds for many years and proudly served six years as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

On a more personal note she is a single mom of two daughters in college, an obsessive coffee drinker – Rev. Patricia drinks it black like any good former Marine does, and is the best friend of her little dog Bear.

Visit sacredstoriespublishing.com and sacredstoriestelesummit.com to learn more.