callingtherealYOU – Cultivating a Champion Mindset

15 Feb callingtherealYOU – Cultivating a Champion Mindset

Contrary to what some people believe, Mixed Martial Arts can be beautiful.  The fights are like a dance in many ways.  Host Pamella Horton tells us “I know MMA may leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, but only if they truly don’t take the time to understand the inner workings of the sport.  What people usually see is the harshness and the “gore” of it.  What is missed quite often is the level of respect and love the fighters have for one another, including their opponents.  It is a sport that requires heart.”

If you are not a fan, I invite you today to look past any stereotypes and current beliefs you may have.  To open yourself up to learn the mindset and heart it takes to cultivate and operate from a champion mindset for your life, your business, your relationships & for YOU.

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That’s where Coach Jackson comes in.  He has a powerful understanding of the mind and consciousness and how to use both to your advantage.  When you think of the best coaches in mixed martial arts, Greg Jackson is consistently mentioned as one of the top, if not THE top guy.

He has trained over 15 world champions, is Co-Owner of the top MMA Training Camp in the world and has won three World MMA Awards, including “Best Coach”, “Best Gym” and team of the year – TWICE by the World MMA Awards.


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