callingtherealYOU – Be Fully Self Expressed and Isn’t It Time?

29 Sep callingtherealYOU – Be Fully Self Expressed and Isn’t It Time?

Be Fully Self Expressed – Isn’t it time?

To BE ALL of YOU – You must be willing to let go what no longer serves you. Join Host Pamella Horton and this week’s guest Tara Marino for a frank discussion on how to be fully self expressed.

Tara Marino is someone you want in your corner. This woman has committed to living a beautiful life no matter the circumstances.

Let me share with you what that means for her.  At the age of 25, she lost her first born son… And after a year of heartache, depression, anger, Xanax and red wine, she had a choice. Stay in resentment… Or choose life. And let me tell you did this woman choose life.

That pain assisted her in creating the FemmeTypes, an internal technology that assists women in realizing their full potential while receiving their beautiful life.

Her company, Elegant Femme, assists women around the world to live a life full of beauty, travel, and soul.  Her most recent endeavor was the creation of her fashion line Tara Paris, which debuted last February with a fashion show in Paris… And  she received a standing ovation from the Parisian press.

Her and her husband of 15 years, and their 2 boys live in Paris. And last year they decided to home school their children so they can assist their children in the “live you fully” experience.

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