17 Jul What Will Your Sacred Story Be?

The stakes are high and there is no more time for do-overs.
With every thought, word, and deed you choose whether a conscious or unconscious choice ~ you are writing your individual sacred story and contributing to the sacred story of our shared consciousness.
You must recognize and embrace your reason for incarnating in this time and that is to help raise the vibration… increase the energetic frequency… shine Light onto the denseness… whatever you resonate with…
you must do it now.
Step into your sacred power and shine your Divine Light.
Share your spiritual gifts with confidence and power.
We need you.
We need all of us.

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26 Jun Wisdom Gained

It is time to change the language around our sacred nature and reason for being here.
You are not small and you are not here to learn lessons to somehow evolve on a spiritual ladder.
Truly is that the best our God, Source, Universe, Higher Power, Collective Consciousness, All That Is… could come up with?
Lessons to learn throughout eternity?
If so, then I call Game Over!
The truth is you are a sacred being that is magnificent beyond comprehension and you are here to gain wisdom from your experiences for the greater expansion and elevation of Consciousness.
The experiences you have are not punitive and you are not so small that you have to learn them again and again throughout lifetimes!
The reality is the past lives you may be remembering may not even be yours… but energies of the Collective.
You are a sacred being that has come here to experience and then clear the negative, lower vibrational energies for the Collective Consciousness.
Our spiritual awakening – our expansion of Consciousness – is our remembering who we are and why we are here – to raise the energetic vibration to one of love and joy by releasing our collective attachment to the pain and trauma of the experience and return the wisdom gained to the Collective.
That is the magnificent sacred being YOU really are!

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02 May The Spiritual Warrior’s Call to Action

The events in Paris yesterday are the spiritual warrior’s call to action and our response needs to be fierce and swift.
Not a response of more violence and hate that moves us further away from our humanity, but a fierce and swift response of stepping fully into our presence and power as sacred beings.
It is time to stop waiting for someone else to do it – whether that be your neighbor, the angels, or God itself.
We are sacred beings incarnated and it is our responsibility to shine our Divine Light in this world.
It is time for all of us to move away from the ‘me’.
The ‘me’ that holds the worry, fear, and doubt of whether you are good enough, or strong enough, or your voice and gifts are needed. The ‘me’ where your Divine Light is diminished.
It is time for all of us to step into the ‘WE’.
To be in service above self.
Jesus said “Where two or more are gathered” because Jesus knew the power of the ‘WE’ is exponentially greater than the ‘me’.
How do you step into the ‘WE’?
You start by acknowledging YOUR Divine essence.
YOU are a sacred being that is loved and supported and powerful beyond measure. Own that truth.
Then go within. What stirs YOUR soul? What is the gift that YOU are to bring? How can YOU serve?
If you have the gift of a healer – heal the physical and emotional wounds of others with your healing hands and energy.
If you have the gift of prose – write inspiring words.
If you are an artist – create beautiful works that speak to the heart.
If you are a farmer or a cook – feed anothers body and soul.
If you have a brave heart – step in when others fear to do so.
If your gift is a kind smile and a warm embrace – then generously share kindness, hugs, and your presence with others.
There is no gift too small to bring. No sacred being among us that is less than another.
When YOU make the choice to finally BE the Sacred Being that YOU are and share YOUR gifts with others – together our Divine Light and Power are exponentially increased.
YOU are a warrior and YOU are needed now.
Step into the WE.
Shine YOUR Divine Light Bright.
~Rev. Patricia Brooks

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02 May What’s The Plan, Stan?

“What’s the plan, Stan?” is such a great saying. My dad used to say it to me and I find myself saying it to my kids. “What’s the plan, Stan?” I ask lightheartedly when they are getting ready to go out with friends or when we are planning our day. “What’s the plan, Stan?” I’ll text to check in with them and see what is going on.

It’s a simple, almost whimsical question. It brings a sense of levity to a situation, makes it seem less overbearing. There is something about rhyming that makes even a difficult query seem a little easier.

So I thought I would try it out on a bigger question. A question that, I have had since my divorce a few years ago. A question that, I have kept neatly tucked in the far recesses of my brain since I decided to quit my job last year and follow my spiritual path. A question that, as time goes on and I don’t see major life and career changes happening quickly, peek its head out more and more trying to get my attention.

I take a deep breath. I am nervous. Bringing my question forth and exposing it to the light of day will make it very real. I won’t be able to tuck it neatly back into the recesses of my brain and pretend it isn’t there. I will have to deal with it. I’m not sure I’m ready but I know I also can’t ignore it any longer. So here it goes…

“What am I going to do with the rest of my life and how am I going to support myself?” I finally give an anxious voice to the question that has troubled me for so long.

Whoa! Well that was overwhelming to say the least. Putting “the rest of my life” and “support myself” in the same question was probably not a great idea. Either question on its own is a lot to handle and would make even the strongest of people feel a little weak in the knees.

But wait a minute. Why is it a lot to handle? Is it because of the words I used? The way I phrased it? Is it because of the way I am making the question so all encompassing or possibly because it is charged with my anxiety and my fear? The knowledge that the last remnants of my old identity, the me I have known for so long, and feel comfortable with, has to change.

Wow that’s the golden nugget I was looking for, change. That’s it really. The underlying emotion we feel in almost every situation has to do with how we are perceiving change. If we perceive change as something to be feared or something to be lost than it creates a sense of anxiety.

Rereading my words above “the last remnants of my old identity, the me I have known for so long…” are riddled with a sense of fear and loss. My whole thought process surrounding the imminent change that is upon me is that I am going to be worse off than I am now. I will be losing a part of myself, my identity.

Whether the change happens because a relationship ends, or our children grow up and leave home, or our careers are changing or ending, it doesn’t matter. Whether the change is our choice usually doesn’t matter either. We still feel a sense of loss and a sense of fear of the unknown that somehow it won’t be as good as we know now.

But what if we think of it, this change that is upon us, in a different way?

What if we embrace change as an inevitable and wondrous part of life? That we are grateful for an opportunity to grow and evolve? Immerse ourselves in a process of self-discovery? Know in our hearts that as we grow we expand our body of life experiences, not diminish them or us in any way.

Maybe the key to handling life and the inevitable changes we will experience is really all in our perception. Possibly even more simply in the delivery of the questions.

So I’ll try it a different way.

“What’s the plan, Stan?” I ask myself with a smile.

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02 May There Is Another Me

There is another me. I know it. I feel it.
There is a me that is not defined by the cloak of the personality I have wrapped around me.
A me that does not derive my value by the features on my face or the body I am inhabiting.
A me that is not considered better or worse than another by the job or title that I hold.
Or a me that can be judged by the amount of money or mistakes that I make.
There is a me that is perfect and whole.
A me that is an aspect of the Divine, the Light and Love of Source.
A me that is not lacking or less than.
Or a me that needs to be forgiven.
There is another me. I know it. I feel it.

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02 May I Choose More

For All Of Us I Choose More.
More experiences that will allow our souls to grow in love and beauty.
More confidence to shine the Divine Light that is our truth.
More trust to embrace being knowing Spirits in our human bodies.
More resonance for each of us to truly feel our power as spiritual beings and use our power for the Greatest Good of All.
More courage to consciously walk together.
And through more awareness of our thoughts and our deeds raise the Collective Consciousness of our world.
Yes, I Choose More For All Of Us.
Rev. Patricia Brooks

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02 May They Said She Would Never Bloom

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something?
Felt discouraged by the opinions of others or didn’t pursue something you wanted because you were afraid of being judged?

I have! I believe we all have!

Why is that? Why do we allow other people’s judgments, even the most well-meaning of judgments, to impact the life we want to create… the life we are meant to live?

This is a picture of one of the six beautiful lilac trees I have in my yard. Each spring, for the past ten years I have watched the other lilac trees bloom and I have marveled at their beauty. Each year this one only offered her beautiful green leaves.

I waited for years, each Spring peeking into her green leaves hoping to see flower buds, only to be disappointed again.

I was told she would never bloom. I was told she must be a male tree and only there to help the female trees bloom. I was told that sometimes there are those that for one reason or another…. just never bloom.

So I accepted that. I accepted that my beautiful lilac tree was ‘good enough’ with just her green leaves. I accepted that for some reason she wasn’t meant to bloom. I accepted that this was just the way it was and I stopped hoping for her to burst forth with her flowers. I sadly even stopped paying her much attention because I assumed I knew all there was to know about her.

And then it happened.

This morning I saw her covered in buds, her flowers ready to burst forth. After a long rainy day yesterday and an incredibly cold winter just passed, my beautiful lilac tree is ready!

It is now her time to bloom.

So let’s do ourselves a favor and lose the judgment we perceive from others!

They aren’t us!

They don’t see through our eyes or touch with our hands.

They don’t feel the quickening of our hearts when we are excited or the catch of our breath when we are inspired.

They don’t lie awake at night wondering of our future or cry our tears when we are hurt.

And they certainly don’t feel the stirrings of our soul or hear that still small voice, our Higher Self, speaking to us!

We are all like my beautiful lilac tree. We are judged by others. We are overlooked. We are told some things are just not meant to be. We are told we should just accept the way things are and stop hoping or trying for more.

But they are wrong. They don’t really know because they aren’t us!

And then it happened.

Our time has come.

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02 May It Is Time To Answer Our Call

Here I am Lord
Is it I Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night
I will go Lord
If you lead me
I will hold your people in my heart.”

Meaningful words from one of my favorite songs of all time. I usually can’t sing it without my eyes filling with tears. There is just something so primal and personal to me in this call to service. I feel a physical ache in my body to respond.

Why? Why do these words illicit such a response? I believe it is because my Spirit knows there is more. My Spirit feels its connection to its higher Self, to all of you, to all of the beings in our world and beyond. My Spirit is trying to remember its truth, its reason for incarnating this time.

There is also complete surrender and trust. I will go Lord, if you lead me. There is a knowing in the deepest part of my soul that there is nothing to fear. There is only love and support. We are loved and supported fully as we walk on this earth.

Wow. Breathe that in. There is nothing to fear. There is only love.

We all have a purpose. A reason for being here, a reason we incarnated this time. I believe all of you that are reading this know that too. We are all seeking to remember our truth and our purpose.

I believe our purpose is to serve. Serve the highest and greatest Good. We are Lightworkers and Wayshowers. We are here to Light the way. Among us we have a myriad of different interests and talents. All are valuable. All are necessary.

It is important that each one of us walk our path and do our part. We are all integral parts of the Divine whole. We need all of us to remember our own part, our own call to service.

It will be easier now because the energy is getting lighter. We are creating the Shift. But we must keep going, keep working, showing the way. Always remember you are a magnificent being of Light. Allow your Light to be a beacon for others.

Let us make a commitment to ourselves, each other, and all beings in our world. We will answer our call.

Is it I Lord? Yes it is… and It Is Time.

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02 May In My Space

Today in this moment I am in my space. I am in that beautiful, peaceful space that is beyond the noise.

Beyond the constant noise my mind creates that distracts me and tells me what work I have to do. There is always something to do, something more to be done.

But not right now. Now I simply feel contentment. That pure, sweet feeling that right here, right now, I am enough.

My body fills with the most perfect deep, cleansing breath. As I exhale, a soft tingling sensation of wellness ripples through me.

I feel whole. My mind and my Spirit are one. My heart is speaking “All is well.”

Yes, when my heart speaks, all is most certainly well.

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