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24 Aug Empath Inspiration – The Multi-Dimensional Structure of Sensitives

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Highly and Ultrasensitive people experience and process energy differently than other people due to several factors. In this episode, Dr. Janice Carlin shares powerful, new, channeled information that explains the true variables that contribute to our health and wellbeing.

You will take away some of the most empowering information possible that you can use to understand yourself and your sensitive children and be able to do what you and they need in order to live peaceful, healthy lives on Planet Earth. Listen as the powerful messages are shared from The Light so that you can your family can be empowered to thrive here and to fulfill your missions for incarnation.

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08 Aug Empath Inspiration – Freeing Yourself Through Forgiveness

Dr. Janice Carlin and her inspirational special guest, Pamella Horton, discuss the power of forgiveness. They share tools that you can use free yourself from the adverse physical and emotional effects of holding onto resentment, anger, and unforgiveness.  You will come to a place of conscious understanding about what forgiveness really is and why it is so vitally important.

Janice shares a channeled excerpt from The Foundations Healing System, as well as some new channeled information as it comes through live on the show.

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01 Aug Empath Inspiration – The Energetic How’s and Why’s of Empathic and High Sensitivity

EP11_1The how and why you feel energy vibrations that originate outside of yourself!  On this episode of Empath Inspiration, Dr. Janice Carlin shares how science and spirituality merge to provide a clear picture of the clairsentient experience. Then relax and listen to a directly channeled message to inspire and empower you to live as your Light!

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18 Jul Empath Inspiration – Mental Health and Sensitives: Empowering Perspectives

Episode 10 is a powerful exploration of the concept of mental health and how it relates to empaths and sensitives. Janice welcomes intuitive and healer, Amanda Hainline to the show for an enlightening discussion. Amanda brings her perspectives as an empath and a clairvoyant to shed a light of clarity on what sensitives experience on unseen levels that can result in mental and emotional health issues.

Listen to the amazing stories of children whose lives have been transformed when the true cause of their behavioral and emotional issues are exposed and resolved. Be inspired as you realize that there are many more options than believing there is something wrong with you and accepting a diagnosis and medical treatments for the rest of your life.

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10 Jul Empath Inspiration – Aligning to Your Purpose and Your Path

empathpurpose9In Episode 9, Dr. Janice Carlin talks about the vital importance of aligning to your soul’s purpose and life path. She shares spiritual remembrances that will inspire you to align to yourself and live the life you are designed to live. Experience her gentle, yet powerful energetic processes for connecting your soul to your body for presence, grounding yourself to your personal power source, and accessing your intuition to know your soul’s purpose. Beautiful, directly channeled messages are shared at the end.

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03 Jul Empath Inspiration – Parenting Empathic Kids and Being an Empathic Parent

In Episode 8, Dr. Janice Carlin discusses the experience of empathic children and parents. She shares the most important key for empaths and ultra-sensitives to live healthy lives. In addition, you’ll hear her discuss:
• How to use your empathic intuition to help your family,
• What you can do to support empathic children in thriving,
• How to help sensitive children to be grounded,
• How to detox yourself and your children after a day of work or school,
• Tools for working with energy in your home to make it a safe place for being grounded,
• What you need to know about using crystals for wellbeing,
• And more!

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27 Jun Empath Inspiration – The Different Ways That Energy Affects How You Feel

In Episode 7, Dr. Janice Carlin addressed the different types of empathic experiences. When you know about how energy works and affects you as an empath, you become empowered to step into the driver’s seat and transform your experiences. Being an empath is much more complex than just feeling other people’s emotions. Listen as Janice shares powerful information about:
• The significant difference between being empathetic and empathic;
• Recognizing what low vibrations are in our world so that you can keep them away from yourself and not let them harm you;
• The different ways that you can feel low vibrations within yourself multidimensionally;
• Avoiding limiting diagnostic labels;
• And remembering your soul’s purpose so that you can align to it and accomplish what you came here to do.

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20 Jun Empath Inspiration – Channeled Messages for Empaths and Ultra-Sensitives

In episode 6, Dr. Janice Carlin, author of Empathic Sensitivity, speaks to listeners through direct intuitive channeling. This powerful transmission of light and truth will empower, inspire, and support you as an empath and ultrasensitive person.

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15 Jun Empath Inspiration – The Best Eating Practices for Empaths

In Episode 5, Dr. Janice Carlin powerfully addresses what empaths need to know about eating the most honoring diet for themselves. There are a great many empaths who are suffering needlessly due the beliefs they have about how and what they are supposed to eat. Become empowered as you learn about:
•    How to use your empathic intuition to make choices about what is in your highest benefit to eat;
•    What the animals have to say about animal product consumption;
•    The necessary elements that are missing from the vegan diet;
•    A powerful energetic technique for raising the vibration of your food before you eat it;
•    Guidelines for making healthful choices about what to eat;
•    Dr. Janice’s powerful story of using food for recovery and healing.

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07 Jun Empath Inspiration – Resolving the Root Cause of Your Health Struggles

In episode 4, Dr. Janice Carlin addresses two vitally important pieces for empaths to live to their highest potentials. See how the pain, discomfort, and ill health you experience are rooted in the beliefs you hold and the choices you make based upon them. You will learn from her powerful, personal experience how you can quickly shift from experiencing pain and discomfort on any level to feeling healthy and vibrant. Dr. Janice reminds you that you are not here on this Earth to suffer and gives you insights about how you can feel good!

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31 May Empath Inspiration – Letting Go of Energy That Isn’t Yours

In this episode, Dr. Janice Carlin shares information and tools for letting go of energy that is adversely affecting you.
You will learn about:
•    Using your discernment to tell what is yours and what is coming from outside of yourself that you empathically feel.
•    Effective tools for shifting energy away from you so that it will not harm you.
•    The power that you have as an empath to be of help and service on this planet by using your gift.
•    And more empowering information and tools.

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