Empath Inspiration

23 May Empath Inspiration ~ Self Care for Empaths

In this episode, Dr. Janice Carlin addresses self-care for empaths. You will learn the vital importance of honoring yourself and maintaining strong boundaries on multiple levels and practical ways to do this. Be empowered as you discover:
•    The three important guidelines for having a diet that honors you.
•    Three important and accessible things you can do to maintain your boundaries on multiple levels.
•    Why so many sensitive people are struggling to be healthy despite working hard to have healthy lifestyles.

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19 May Empath Inspiration with Dr. Janice Carlin

empathinspirationlibsynIn this episode of Empath Inspiration, Dr. Janice Carlin addresses empowering topics for empaths that include:
•    The authentic meaning of being an empath.
•    The scientific and spiritual reasons that it is possible for empaths to feel so much from outside of themselves.
•    The reason that empaths and sensitives are experiencing increased levels of sensitivity and pain.

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