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06 Dec Sacred Stories ~ 30 Days to Me with Lynn Reilly

Have you followed your heart and made big, scary changes in your life and yet still don’t feel the joy?

That’s exactly what happened to Lynn Reilly so she gets it and you! Lynn has lived through the big, scary changes and the “wait, aren’t I supposed to feel better now?” feelings afterwards. As a licensed professional counselor and master energy therapist Lynn has done the work and is now sharing it with you in her new book 30 Days to Me: A Work-ing Book to Living a Serendipitous Life.

You can experience unexpected joy in your life too! Living life serendipitously is for everyone! Listen in to find out more!

Click the links for Lynn’s two books 30 Days to Me: A Work-ing Book to Living a Serendipitous Life and her children’s book The Secret to Beating the Dragon.

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12 Sep Sacred Stories~What Do The Animals Say? with Jennifer Murphy-Morrical

Connect with the sacred energies of nature through the animals.

Meet Jennifer Murphy-Morrical, author of What Do The Animals Say? Learn Jennifer’s sacred story, how she is able to keep her special connection to nature, and a beautiful message from her dad!

Explore our natural world and discover what the animals can teach us about health, love, and listening to our spirit with Jennifer’s new children’s book What Do The Animals Say?  available from Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major booksellers.

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11 Jul Sacred Stories~The Forgiveness Solution with Rev. Misty Tyme

Forgiveness is the link between love and healing.

Feel into your own forgiveness journey as Rev. Misty Tyme so openly and honestly shares hers.

Learn some of the common misconceptions that may be preventing you from fully forgiving others, the situation, and yourself.  You may be surprised!

Rev. Misty’s new book The Forgiveness Solution: A Step by Step Process to Let It Go gives you the how to forgive and is available through Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major booksellers.

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11 May Sacred Stories~A Story of Our Time with Robert Atkinson, Ph.D

A soul on the eternal journey.

Find out what Robert Atkinson, Ph. D. calls our lasting, changeless, unified identities.

Continue to listen as Robert shares more eternal wisdom from his personal sacred story about the interconnectedness of all life.

Robert’s best-selling book The Story of Our Time which traces the journey of our human consciousness from duality to interconnectedness to Oneness is available through Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major booksellers worldwide.

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06 Apr Sacred Stories ~ The Key to LIFE with Jim Phillips

Who is Jim Phillips and what Divine inspiration has he received?

Enjoy listening as Jim shares his sacred story of the Divine inspiration he received at 13 years old that shaped the course of his life.  Find out what inspires Jim, the importance of his morning walks, and the insights and experiences he shares to help you live your life in full expression too.

Jim’s revised and expanded 2nd edition of his book The Key to LIFE: Living in Full Expression is available now through Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major booksellers worldwide.

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29 Mar Sacred Stories ~ Final Redemption with Helen Heinmiller

If God asked YOU to save the world, would you say YES?

Final Redemption is the new spiritual thriller published by Sacred Stories Publishing.  It is described by readers as a cross between the intrigue of a Tom Clancey novel, the mystery of a Dan Brown thriller, and the uplifting spiritual message of The Shack!

Listen as author Helen Heinmiller shares a preview of the exciting story of Emmy Harris and her choice to say YES to trying to save humanity against all odds.

Final Redemption is available worldwide from Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major booksellers.

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13 Dec Sacred Stories ~ Solar Color Energies with Helen Heinmiller

Access the New Dimension of Color Energies with the Queen of Color Helen Heinmiller on Sacred Stories podcast!  Explore the 12 New Solar Color Energies and learn why Helen says “Color Energy is the Language of the White Light”. Solar color energies are outside our ability to see them with our traditional sight, however, our bodies and Spirits can intuitively feel them as they heal our emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies.

Listen to Helen’s sacred story of how the 2nd of 10 children in a large Irish family transcended the traditional boundaries of what was considered acceptable to follow her Divine purpose as a spiritual teacher.  Everyone has the ability to say YES to Spirit’s call and yet not everyone does.  We need the Helen Heinmiller’s of the world that say YES to their Divine purpose.

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22 Nov Sacred Stories ~ Scanning For Signal


Find your connection.  Scanning For Signal is our outstretched hand to you. The latest book by Sacred Stories Publishing is a best seller as it welcomes young seekers – seekers of connection, seekers of spirit, seekers of knowledge and experience. It explores questions and emotions that are most prevalent, and often most troublesome, to this awakening generation. The feelings shared in Scanning For Signal are no doubt felt by many young people, but too often they experience them alone.

This book is the collaborative effort of four diverse authors and is a collection of their personal writings, consisting of spiritual and inspirational prose and poetry. Scanning for Signal is geared towards youth and millennials, yet readers of all ages will recognize the worth and wisdom of the words within.

Listen as the authors of Scanning For Signal share their thoughts, feelings, and read their favorite muses.  Scanning For Signal is available through Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major e-tailers.

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08 Nov Sacred Stories ~ Granite and Gravity with Vivian Elani



A grand harmony of opposing forces ~ an apt description of the Brooklyn Bridge and a compelling description of our lives and lives and lives! Enjoy the conversation with author Vivian Elani as she shares her premier book Granite and Gravity, a historical fiction that beautifully chronicles the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and the lives, loves, and lessons of a soul group during their latest incarnation.

A profound look at not only the subject of reincarnation but the idea of traveling with a soul group throughout lifetimes. Be inspired as Vivian shares stepping out of her comfort zone and finding her inner voice to tell her story.

Granite and Gravity is available from Sacred Stories Publishing, and online from booksellers worldwide.

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25 Oct Sacred Stories ~ Heartbroken Open to Feeling Life with Kristine Carlson

Grateful for it all.  Be inspired by best-selling author and true spiritual teacher Kristine Carlson as she shares her sacred stories of battling bulimia as a young woman to being heartbroken open with the sudden death of her husband and soulmate Richard Carlson.  Through personal experiences of great joy to tremendous loss, Kristine knows that life really is short and shares why we need to embrace who we are and shine in our unique way.

Find out what gets Kristine out of bed in the morning, her passion in life, and what books are on the nightstand of one of the best-selling authors of all time!

Kristine Carlson is a New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned speaker.  Kris’ life mission expands upon the phenomenal success of she and her late husband Dr. Richard Carlson’s work in the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” book series.  She continues his legacy of peaceful and mindful living through her own bestselling books, including the most recent,Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms, An Hour to Live, an Hour to Love: The True Story of the Best Gift Ever and her memoir, Heartbroken Open.

Kristine has been featured on national radio and television broadcasts, including The Today Show,Good Morning America, The View, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Find out more about Kristine and her work at

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11 Oct Sacred Stories ~ Don’t Settle For A Small Spiritual Experience with Shaman Sonya Bibilos

Take your connection below your mind and feel for something deeper. Shaman and Awakening Teacher Sonya Bibilos invites you to not get lost in your mind or your emotion. There is another way.  Break open, let it flow, for on the other side is Source.  Seen and unseen, form and formless, in the stillness is Source.

Join host Rev. Patricia Brooks for a beautiful and empowering conversation as Sonya Bibilos encourages you to not settle for a small spiritual experience… keep going because it is worth it and you are worth it.  A life-changing conversation.

Also join Rev. Patricia and Sonya on Sacred Stories Telesummit for another opportunity to experience the more you have been searching for.

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