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02 Oct The Sacral Circle – Sex and Love Addiction

“Addictions are just a by product of having suffered so much pain, especially as children.”

Aurora Esmeralda grew up feeling sad, alone, confused and unsafe. The sex trauma she endured at the age of four left a wound that manifested into a variety of addictions, diseases, and disorders, which included bulimia and stage three breast cancer. It also led to promiscuity and associating love with sex. Determined to take back her wholeness and wellness, she leaned on yoga and the healing power of food to restore her mind, body, heart and soul. Now she passionately shares her knowledge and wisdom with those who are also seeking to live vibrantly, authentically, and abundantly.
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Esmeralda is a certified Plant-Based Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor and Transformational Wellness Coach from Los Angeles, California. She started her incredible health journey as a child. Trauma, as we now know, is the gateway for most disorders and health issues.

After an abusive and neglectful childhood, Esmeralda battled an eating disorder for most of her teenage years and young adult life, as well as depression.

There were a number of times in Esmeralda’s life where she reached breaking point. She tried to commit suicide at 16, she went to rehab for bulimia at 23 and then the final straw was the devastating news that she had breast cancer when she was only 25 years old.

Instead of succumbing to the news and the disease, she took herself away and went on a journey involving the mind, body and the soul. She changed her diet to a raw food diet, she cleaned up her household products, she realized how much of a toxic world we live in and did everything in her power to fight against it and reclaim her body.

Her methodology worked. She went back 2 months later to see her oncologist and they were shocked. The tumor had disappeared completely. She removed herself from the western medical system and continued to self treat using food as medicine and yoga as her methodology for the mind and the soul.

She has been helping clients all over the world heal from serious and chronic life threatening conditions through her methodology of plant-based eating and stress reduction and body repair work through yoga practice.

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04 Sep The Sacral Circle – My Mother’s Teacher

“If your body has been victimized you begin to feel it. You have to give yourself permission to look at it, feel it, sense it and eventually purge it.”

On this episode of The Sacral Circle, you’ll meet Patricia S. Castillo, co-founder of the P.E.A.C.E Initiative. Patricia takes us through her powerful healing journey of getting to the core of her childhood traumas and addictions. She discusses her traumas, the challenges of healing the patriarchy, the power of forgiveness and the importance of healing the mind, as well as the body.

As a social worker she noticed how many people were suffering from similar experiences in her community. This set her on a mission that has impacted families all around the world. Patricia has passionately turned her pain into the fuel needed to help serve the world the way she was destined to.

Patricia S. Castillo is a Licensed Master Social Worker and co-founder of the P.E.A.C.E Initiative. P.E.A.C.E. is an acronym for Putting an End to Abuse through Community Efforts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of family domestic violence. She has served as its Executive Director since 1990.

As leader for the organization, Castillo has become nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in the prevention of family domestic violence. She has been invited to consult for women’s organizations and programs in Monterrey, Mexico City, and Cancun, and also served as a trainer for public school teachers in Ciudad Acuña in Mexico.

Additionally she served as consultant for the U.S. State Department, providing training in domestic violence prevention and intervention in Nicaragua and Ecuador. Nationally, Castillo has been recognized for her work by the National Compadres Network and was invited in 2010 to the White House, Cinco de Mayo Celebrations by Lynn Rosenthal , the first ever White House Advisor on issues of violence against women under President Obama. The P.E.A.C.E Initiative’s work was featured in the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships – A New Era of Partnerships: Report of Recommendations to President Obama.

Locally Castillo has received recognition for her work by governmental agencies and numerous organizations and institutions. Among these are Our Lady of the Lake University’s, Center for Women in Church and Society (outstanding Alumni-Community Service Award), St. Marys’ University Law School (St. Thomas Moore Award, for 30 years of community service in prevention and intervention in Family Violence), the San Antonio Chapter of the Association of Women in Communications, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Community Voice Award) and by Univision-San Antonio as one of their “Lo Mejor de lo Nuestro” honorees.

Castillo is a pioneer and innovator in advocacy for family domestic violence prevention in local government programs. She was the first social worker ever assigned to the San Antonio Police Department in their Child Abuse Intervention Project and in their Sex Crimes Unit, Homicide Bureau. She served as Program Coordinator at the Bexar County’s Adult Detention Center and was a community organizer with Residents Organized for Better and Beautiful Environmental Development (ROBBED) and as Public Relations Coordinator for the Women’s Law Center.

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31 Jul The Sacral Circle – Healing the Father Wound

The Absolute Alchemist, Vanessa Eans shares the horrific childhood she endured because of the sexual abuse by her father and other men. Vanessa internalized the rage and anger she felt which led to a destructive lifestyle. Yet despite the internal hell and chaos she grew up in, she says “the voice” of spirit always guided and protected her.

As a mother Vanessa was determined to protect her children from having to face the same abuse, but still her worst nightmare came to fruition. It was in the midst of this that Vanessa began to truly heal the darkness of her trauma that still lived within. “I think it’s crucial that we’re able to actually talk about our trauma without guilt, shame, judgment and condemnation… It’s important to transmute our pain and regain our sovereignty.”


Meet Vanessa Eans: I have always known Spirit. We have communicated since I was very young. Spirit has and is always revealing the truth of Oneness with God within All of Humanity. Honestly I spent many years resisting this truth due to pain, and in that I excluded myself and others. Wounds that another caused me and wounds I caused another. I’ve been broken many, many times. Yet Spirit would never let me just sit, withdrawn, wounded and quiet no matter how much I wanted to. Spirit would heal me and each time I would get more sensitive to another’s suffering. Be it through visions, feeling, sensing or knowing…Spirit would nudge and sometimes push me (’cause I can be *ahem* a lil stubborn) to connect to another to get a message to them to connect them to God. I guess I finally wizened up to my calling ’cause here I Am…broken OPEN!  My function in this realm is to be a channeler (or conduit) of communications from the spirit realm.

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26 Jun The Sacral Circle – I Was Stripped of My Innocence

As a young child Shavannah Speaks Moore was violated and stripped of her innocence. She didn’t know the anger, shame, and pain she repressed from her childhood trauma was impacting her adversely as an adult. “It tarnished my mindset. It tarnished me as a girl, and as a woman.”

On this episode of The Sacral Circle, she shares with host Janie Terrazas how she reclaimed her voice and her power. Against the odds she reached international success professionally, yet she still suffered from depression. Her determination to discover why she couldn’t be at peace despite her blessings, jump started her healing journey. Writing was her saving grace. Her book has inspired and empowered women around the world to heal the wounds that keep them from BOLDLY manifesting a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Shavannah Speaks Moore is a Global Empowerment Speaker, Master NLP Practitioner & Mindset Coach who has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Women’s Radio Network and many more. She has worked with Top Influences who have appeared on The OWN Network, Food Network & NBC. Coming from a world of poverty, being sexually abused as a child and being a high school drop-out who was told she would never amount to anything, Shavannah is now a woman on a mission. She has set out to empower and inspire women by helping them elevate their confidence, so they can BOLDLY manifest a more fulfilling lifestyle. Through her Personal Development and Lifestyle company and her non profit, One Big Heart Corporation, Shavannah continues to change the lives of many women and families around the nation one woman at a time!

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30 May The Sacral Circle – Special Quarantine Edition

Immunity Boosting Breathing Meditation

On this episode of The Sacral Circle, host Janie Terrazas takes us through a guided breathing meditation and shares a healing ritual to help clear the mind, body, heart and soul. “I know we are all going through a difficult time with the pandemic the world is facing. So, I chose to dedicate this episode as an offering of love and healing to help ease our pain. Peace be in us.” 

Source of prayer –

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27 Mar The Sacral Circle – Becoming the Soft Protector

Mindful Love.

On this episode of The Sacral Circle, Janie Terrazas has a candid conversation with her partner Justin Bustamante about mindful love. They share how they use their relationship to further their healing, and the importance of knowing how to safely hold space for one another when trauma is triggered. He openly discusses his personal process of becoming a gentleman, and what tapping into the soft, gentle protector has done to improve his life. “You literally feel lighter inside because the body isn’t holding on to tension. It makes room inside of you for all the stuff you want more of…joy, health, peace, abundance.”

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28 Feb The Sacral Circle – Trauma Has Layers

I Don’t Know How I Survived

Heather Larican Rejino describes the struggles she faced as a single mother, and the destructive coping mechanisms she leaned on to help her escape her dark past. The sexual, mental, emotional, and physical abuse she endured as a young girl haunted her throughout her life until she had the breakdown that lead to her spiritual breakthrough. Food, fitness, meditation and therapy were her saving grace. She said, with each new year she experiences new growth and her gratitude for life continues to deepen.

Heather Larican Rejino is a Healthy Mind & Body Enthusiast. She’s a Private Chef and Owner of Your Sassy Chef. She’s also a Blogger, Cook Book Author, Certified Fitness & Pilates Professional, Mother, & Wife. IG: @Ursassychef

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27 Dec The Sacral Circle – I Knew I Had to Get Out

Healing after a narcissist

Master Alchemist Elisha Marie, shares her story of healing and rebuilding post her divorce from a narcissist. She shares how she holistically rose above her trauma, and how she’s used her testimony to fuel her purpose. “Knowing yourself, inside and out, is like peeling back the layers of an onion…You have to feel to heal…It’s staying consistent and having the resilience to want to feel better.” Elisha passionately and compassionately helps others reconnect to their true self, so they can create more peace and joy in their lives.

Elisha Marie owner of Alchemy Flow. Wellness Coach and Master Alchemist
RYT-200/ Stress.Trauma.Tantra Focused Yoga, Yin Yoga Level 2 Emotional Resilience Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, Chopra Certified Ayurvedic in training Website:
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29 Nov The Sacral Circle – I Was Living in the Dark

“I was living the life of drugs, sex, and rock & roll… My light switch was off and I was living in the dark.” – John Bustos

John Bustos grew up in a dysfunctional home witnessing and experiencing abuse throughout his young life. His unresolved trauma lead to a lifestyle of destruction as an adult. After enduring a life altering situation with his ex, he began to seek out the help he needed to heal.

It was the catalyst that sparked his spiritual awakening, and a new career path as a healer/teacher. Through his non-profit called In-Lightened, John is now inspiring others to love and care for themselves holistically, so they too can create more peace, joy and abundance in their lives.

John Bustos is an entrepreneur, Reiki Master, TFT Practitioner and the creator of In-Lightened, a non-profit organization that takes a holistic approach to healing for those who have faced trauma and abuse.
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01 Nov The Sacral Circle – Validating My True Self

“It’s traumatizing when others want to physically hurt you because they don’t like who you are.” – George Lee

Award winning poet and author of “In Bloom”, George Lee, bravely shares his painful journey of coming to terms with his sexuality, and overcoming the sexual trauma/physical abuse he experienced as a young boy.

For years he turned to drinking as a way to cope with his pain and confusion, but no longer uses it to numb himself. “Now I sit in the abyss…It’s in the examination of self you start to heal, and you begin to find your worth.” George passionately helps others overcome their pain through his poetry, and is a strong advocate for instilling worth in the LGBTQ+ youth. Follow him on IG @GeorgeLe3

George Lee is a poet and the author of, “In Bloom”. He won the opportunity to represent San Antonio, TX at the Individual World Poetry Slam and placed in the top 40 of the world. He’s a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ youth community. His book is helping raise the whisper around sex trauma, inclusion and self acceptance. “Keep exploring yourself and know that you are valid. Know that you are beautiful and complete.”

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27 Sep The Sacral Circle – FAWN – The Overlooked F to Trauma Responses

Most are familiar with the fight, flight, freeze responses to trauma, but fawn is often overlooked. On this episode of The Sacral Circle, host Janie Terrazas, shares how this passion project helped her to discover the fawning response, and how it subconsciously shaped her life. It was a total eye opener for her. “Suddenly, so much of my past was understood.”

She covers an insightful article written by Sam Dylan Finch, titled – 7 Subtle Signs Your Trauma Response is to FAWN. Some of the symptoms of fawning are people pleasing tendencies and co-dependency issues. If we want to heal and rise above our trauma, we must become self aware of how our body and mind react to it.

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