The Color Revolution – Sapphire Blue Solar Color Energy

10 Jan The Color Revolution – Sapphire Blue Solar Color Energy

“If you could see yourself as I see you, you would know that you are Divinely Powerful!”- Sapphire Blue

Experience The Color Revolution, a new Sacred Stories podcast with host Helen Heinmiller, the Queen of Color!  Each month explore with Helen the next dimension of color energy – solar color energy!

Helen channels an important message from the first of the twelve solar color energies, Sapphire Blue, about how we can reclaim our Divine Power to succeed in every area of our life.  Helen will answer common questions about how to use the solar color energies and her meditations and online program. Then, Helen will guide you in an empowering Group Solar Color Energy Meditation using her Soul Light Manifestation Technique to bring in the Sapphire Blue Solar Color Energy and the Divine Power that is waiting for you! Together, we will create a group soul light and send out this power to those in our special intentions and to the world!

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