callingtherealYOU – Couples in Business ~ A Courageous Love

15 Sep callingtherealYOU – Couples in Business ~ A Courageous Love

One of the greatest tests a marriage can endure, or not, is running a business together. Copreneurialship has its’ own unique set of obstacles as couples attempt to combine loving, intimate lives and business lives focused on the bottom line.

Listen as host Pamella Horton with Michael and Valerie Lipstein of Couples and Business discuss keys to success, courageous love, and self-actualization all while running a business.

Michael Lipstein is a relationship expert who has worked with thousands of individuals, couples, and families since 1979.  He is a Clinical Member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Michael’s passion is to help couples who work together in business, and any couple wanting more, to create extraordinary powerful relationships that keep love and intimacy alive.

Valerie Lipstein is a certified coach and consultant, entrepreneurial specialist, author and national speaker. As the founder and CEO of Couples and Business, a company she runs with Michael, she is passionate about working with spouse/couple run businesses. Valerie has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the health and wellness/beauty industry supporting them to create greater success. She has a Juris Doctor and BA in Social Work.

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