Empath Inspiration – The Different Ways that Energy Affects How You Feel

08 Sep Empath Inspiration – The Different Ways that Energy Affects How You Feel

Dr. Janice Carlin, author of the book Empathic Sensitivity, addressed the different types of empathic experiences. When you know about how energy works and affects you as an empath, you become empowered to step into the driver’s seat and transform your experiences. Being an empath is much more complex than just feeling other people’s emotions. Listen as Janice shares powerful information about:
• The significant difference between being empathetic and empathic
• Recognizing what low vibrations are in our world so that you can keep them away from yourself and not let them harm you
• The different ways that you can feel low vibrations within yourself multidimensionally
• Avoiding limiting diagnostic labels
• And remembering your soul’s purpose so that you can align to it and accomplish what you came here to do.

Learn more with Dr. Carlin’s book Empathic Sensitivity where you will discover that your ability to feel so much is truly a gift that you can use to your advantage in your life to help yourself and others if you so choose. Learn ways to stop the cycles of pain that you experience and to move into a more gentle and honoring way of living. http://bit.ly/empathicsensitivity Available from Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and booksellers worldwide.

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Second run of the popular series Empath Inspiration.

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