Empath Inspiration – Mental Health and Empaths

23 Oct Empath Inspiration – Mental Health and Empaths

Explore the concept of mental health and how it relates to empaths and sensitives.

Listen to the amazing stories of children whose lives have been transformed when the true cause of their behavioral and emotional issues are exposed and resolved. Be inspired as you realize that there are many more options than believing there is something wrong with you and accepting a diagnosis and medical treatments for the rest of your life.

Dr. Janice Carlin welcomes intuitive and healer, Amanda Hainline to the show for an enlightening discussion. Amanda brings her perspectives as an empath and a clairvoyant to shed a light of clarity on what sensitives experience on unseen levels that can result in mental and emotional health issues.

Learn more with Dr. Carlin’s book Empathic Sensitivity where you will discover that your ability to feel so much is truly a gift that you can use to your advantage in your life to help yourself and others if you so choose. Learn ways to stop the cycles of pain that you experience and to move into a more gentle and honoring way of living. http://bit.ly/empathicsensitivity Available from Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and booksellers worldwide.

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Second run of the popular series Empath Inspiration.

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