Empath Inspiration ~ Self Care for Empaths

15 Jun Empath Inspiration ~ Self Care for Empaths

Learn the vital importance of maintaining self care as an empath. Honor yourself and maintain strong boundaries on multiple levels and learn practical ways to do this.

Be empowered as you discover:
•    The three important guidelines for having a diet that honors you.
•    Three important and accessible things you can do to maintain your boundaries on multiple levels.
•    Why so many sensitive people are struggling to be healthy despite working hard to have healthy lifestyles.

Learn more with Dr. Carlin’s book Empathic Sensitivity where you will discover that your ability to feel so much is truly a gift that you can use to your advantage in your life to help yourself and others if you so choose. Learn ways to stop the cycles of pain that you experience and to move into a more gentle and honoring way of living. http://bit.ly/empathicsensitivity

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Second run of the popular series Empath Inspiration.

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