Not This Not That – What is an Empath? with Janice Carlin, Ph.d

14 Jun Not This Not That – What is an Empath? with Janice Carlin, Ph.d

For the sensitive people in the world. Understand who you are so you may be able to thrive.

Do you feel energy deeply? If so, your intuitive ability may be through feeling and you have the gift of clairsentience.

Understand what an empath is and how you can honor yourself, your boundaries, body, guidance, and relationships!

Dr. Janice Carlin, a holistic nutrition counselor, intuitive, and highly sensitive empath shares her knowledge, tools, and strategies she has developed over the past decade to support you on your journey.

Dr. Janice Carlin goes even deeper sharing life changing information for empaths in her incredible online course Masterful Empath Sacred U. Click Masterful Empath to watch the first module for free.

Dr. Janice Carlin, holds a PhD in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition, is a certified Natural Health Practitioner, certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, a certified Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner and a highly sensitive empath. Visit for more.

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