How To Live Our Lives With Grace And Ease

02 May How To Live Our Lives With Grace And Ease

How do we live our lives with grace and ease?

Remove the struggles?

Squelch the doubt that creeps mercilessly into our thoughts?

Step over the roadblocks?

Embrace the joy even before we feel it?

These are questions that I and I believe many of you wrestle with.

I have been told that the third dimensional world and energy patterns we live in are not where we should be.

To live with grace and ease, we need to embrace the fifth dimensional energy patterns. This is the new paradigm. This is what our ascension as spiritual beings is.

We need to become so fully present in our spiritual truth that we can move beyond the suffering and move beyond the doubt. To know deep down in the very core of our being that we are Spirit and as Spirit, we are connected and embraced and supported by the Divine Oneness that is all around us.

This is the energy of the fifth dimension.  It is beyond the knowing of the fourth dimension, it is the surrender and trust of the Divine Oneness we are a part of.

But how do we do that?

How do we remove the struggles, squelch the doubt, step over the roadblocks and embrace the joy?

I would like to offer to you an experience I recently had that gave me a glimmer of understanding of this very large and very important question.

For the past eighteen years I have been blessed to live in a home that is protected by a very large rock face in my backyard. The rock face looks incredibly like a gigantic whale that is forever floating and watching and recording life and its’ endless cycles that play out before it.

I love my special friend, the whale and spend much time gazing at it and wondering about life’s mysteries. What has it really seen, all of the eons it has stood steadfast in its mighty presence?

But my whale has also offered to me a personal struggle these past eighteen years. For in the contours of the whales belly and fin, weeds grow; weeds that distract me and upset my peace and calm. I can easily reach the weeds growing near the bottom and pull them out restoring my whale to its unfettered self, but I have a very hard time reaching the weeds that are higher up.

For years I have struggled with this. When I was married I would ask my husband to pull them for me, as I was afraid to climb the rock face myself. A few times over the years when I could no longer wait for my husband to do it, I would attempt to do it myself. And then I would get stuck, halfway up the rock face, afraid to move, frozen in panic. My fear of heights would engulf me and I would scream for my children to come and help me, to offer me their hands to help me back down to safety.

The irony of this is that I love my friend, the whale. He has protected me and given me deep peace for the past eighteen years and in turn I want to help him. And so I decided I would try again; to climb up the face of his belly, and reach the weeds that were beyond my reach, restoring him to his unfettered self.

I began by taking a step up and I found footing a couple of feet up.  Maybe I could reach the weeds from here I thought and I stretched and strained to try and reach the higher weeds. However as in all the times past, they were beyond my reach. And the footing I was on did not feel secure.

I needed to take another step up. I looked around to find a good step for me. As a living being, the rock face is also always slightly changing; parts of it loosening and crumbling to the ground below, making the climb slightly different each time. A few more feet above me I spied what looked to be solid footing.

If I could get to the next step, I could reach the weeds above. I centered myself and went inward for strength. I thought about the journey I have had so far.

My journey has brought me a deep knowing that I am a spiritual being and I am part of the Divine Oneness that is all around us. This Oneness includes each other, nature, and all living beings with us, seen and unseen.

I knew in that moment that I would not fall. I knew in that moment that I am supported and loved and protected by the Divine Oneness, including my special friend, the whale. I knew in that moment that I was going to for the first time in eighteen years, reach the unreachable weeds, and in pulling them, restore peace and calm to my heart.

I relaxed into that knowing, and I stepped up. My new footing was secure, in fact much more secure than the footing I was just standing on. I had to laugh and in that moment I received great clarity.

In my life I only need to trust.  Relax into and trust the Divine Oneness I am a part of. On my journey I don’t need to have everything figured out. I only need to take the next step, secure in the knowledge that I am loved and supported.

And in the next step, the struggle lessens.

As I move forward on my journey, the footing becomes more secure. It is in fact easier to take the next step and move forward, then to stretch and strain from a place that no longer serves me.

I have learned that to begin to remove the struggles, to begin to squelch the doubt that creeps in to our thoughts, to begin to step over the roadblocks and to begin to embrace the joy even before we feel it, we need to relax into the knowing and to trust.

To live a life with grace and ease we need to trust. Trust in the Divine Oneness, even if we don’t fully understand it, because we are fully supported and loved by it. The energies of the fifth dimension require us to surrender to the Oneness and trust. When we can trust, even before we know, we will live our lives with grace and ease and continue forward.

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