It Is Time To Answer Our Call

02 May It Is Time To Answer Our Call

Here I am Lord
Is it I Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night
I will go Lord
If you lead me
I will hold your people in my heart.”

Meaningful words from one of my favorite songs of all time. I usually can’t sing it without my eyes filling with tears. There is just something so primal and personal to me in this call to service. I feel a physical ache in my body to respond.

Why? Why do these words illicit such a response? I believe it is because my Spirit knows there is more. My Spirit feels its connection to its higher Self, to all of you, to all of the beings in our world and beyond. My Spirit is trying to remember its truth, its reason for incarnating this time.

There is also complete surrender and trust. I will go Lord, if you lead me. There is a knowing in the deepest part of my soul that there is nothing to fear. There is only love and support. We are loved and supported fully as we walk on this earth.

Wow. Breathe that in. There is nothing to fear. There is only love.

We all have a purpose. A reason for being here, a reason we incarnated this time. I believe all of you that are reading this know that too. We are all seeking to remember our truth and our purpose.

I believe our purpose is to serve. Serve the highest and greatest Good. We are Lightworkers and Wayshowers. We are here to Light the way. Among us we have a myriad of different interests and talents. All are valuable. All are necessary.

It is important that each one of us walk our path and do our part. We are all integral parts of the Divine whole. We need all of us to remember our own part, our own call to service.

It will be easier now because the energy is getting lighter. We are creating the Shift. But we must keep going, keep working, showing the way. Always remember you are a magnificent being of Light. Allow your Light to be a beacon for others.

Let us make a commitment to ourselves, each other, and all beings in our world. We will answer our call.

Is it I Lord? Yes it is… and It Is Time.

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