Not This Not That

26 Nov Not This Not That

Push your boundaries of understanding and perception! Join Rev Patricia for provocative and consciousness expanding talks as we open to the possibility that things may not be exactly as you believe, as you’ve been told. That there could be more. That in our Collective Consciousness is the potential for the All.

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Meet Rev Patricia

Rev. Patricia Cagganello is CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories, a spiritual media network designed to create empowering and supportive platforms to allow the spiritual voices of today to be heard.

Sacred Stories currently includes a book publishing and marketing company, an online telesummit series, podcast stream, The Owl magazine, and a dynamic online course division Sacred U.

As an ordained interfaith, interspiritual minister and a sacred storyteller Rev. Patricia believes it is time to raise the vibration of our planet to one of respect and honor for the sacred nature of ourselves and all living beings. The sharing of our hearts and wisdom through our works is a powerful beginning.

Rev. Patricia is ordained from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York and she has earned her Masters of Arts in Education and her Bachelors of Science in Business. She worked in the corporate and educational worlds for many years and proudly served six years as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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