Kate Sheehan Roach hosts roundtable conversations covering relevant topics with uncommon depth and breadth, bringing together outliers from the full spectrum of religious traditions, spiritual movements, and thought perspectives in dynamic discussions where new insight is born.



Unity and Divinity: Finding God in One Another

Three esteemed spiritual teachers come together with On Air host Kate Sheehan Roach to discuss questions like these: What is your true sacred name that resonates your life’s purpose? How do we cultivate a sanctuary in the depths of the heart that helps us incarnate more fully in the world? What can a jigsaw puzzle teach us about the spiritual life? How can we speak to that which cannot be spoken?

Whether through poetry and music, mathematics and science, community or solitude, from Silicon Valley to the Cape of Good Hope to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, these three extraordinary spiritual leaders have plumbed the depths and ascended the heights of what it means to be united in Divine Love.

Ellen Grace O’Brian is the spiritual director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, an interfaith meditation center in the tradition of Kriya Yoga. Will Keepin is co-founder and co-director of the Satyana Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to inner work and outer service, and Gender Reconciliation International, which hosts training and workshops to facilitate healing among women and men around the world. Seán ÓLaoire is the spiritual director of Companions on the Journey, an independent non-hierarchical Eucharistic community dedicated to alignment with God and healing of separation.

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Peace through Spiritual Practice

“Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” ~ Dalai Lama

Join us for a conversation with Rabbi Ted Falcon, Imam Jamal Rahman, and Pastor Don MacKenzie, of the Interfaith Amigos, and explore with us the ways we can create peace in the world by cultivating peace within ourselves.

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The Interfaith Amigos are an inter-spiritual collaboration that began soon after the 9-11 to foster peace among the Abrahamic faiths.The Amigos travel together nationally and internationally, speaking and teaching on the core messages of unity, love, and compassion that are the essence of their traditions. They have written three books together and their work has been featured in the New York Times and on CBS News, the BBC, and several NPR programs.


Peace through Spiritual Practice

Beyond Recovery: The 12-Step Revolution

Host Kate Sheehan Roach

Kate Sheehan Roach is an Internet pioneer with an inter-spiritual heart. She worked as a writer, teacher, editor, and interviewer before taking the leap into digital media. For her, the best part is working with so many wise and wonderful people for whom the spiritual life is real. A devotee of Jesus of Nazareth, her faith has led her to about ten different Christian denominations, transformation through Hindu and Buddhist practices and the mystical wisdom of Islam, and a deep, abiding love of Judaism. Silent, still prayer is her way of listening to God who, she has found, is also intently listening.

Kate serves the great spiritual and religious teachings of our day through her work with Patheos, Sacred Stories, Contemplative Life, Contemplative Outreach, and Broad Street Ministry. She and her husband of 25 years live in Philadelphia with two terrific teenagers, a pair of frisky felines, and a big yellow puppy.



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