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The Color Revolution

Access the New Dimensions of Color

Join us on a year-long journey of discovering new, healing dimensions of color that are available to us now, to support our health, success and abundance. Each month, Helen Heinmiller, the Queen of Color, will channel a message from one of 12 Solar Color Energies, answer your questions, and lead a healing solar color meditation.

Join The Color Revolution and color your world amazing!


Forgiveness Solution

Link Between Love and Healing

The Forgiveness Solution, hosted by Interfaith Reverend Misty Tyme brings together life, love, and forgiveness.

Rev. Misty conveys her own special brand of humor and wisdom while tackling life’s struggles. You can count on transformative topics, rousing interviews, and real world discussion that rides the rapids of the forgiveness journey

~ the undeniable link between love and healing.



Nuggets of Clarity and Wisdom

We are callingtherealYOU!

Each week business expert Pamella Horton will bring you Visionaries, CEO’s, Luminaries, Light Workers, Healers, and Earth Angels – Experts who have been where you are, have walked through their own hell fires and gained experience breaking through after their “break downs.”  Listen as these experts will help you through these uncertain times.


Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

You Are Never Alone

Your spirit guides can open you up to a whole new world of ease and purpose. Based on the book Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, this podcast series puts you in touch with your guides and helps you build a relationship you can count on.

See how simple it is with host Debra Landwehr Engle and Let Your Spirit Guides Speak to receive guidance 24/7—and how comforting it is to know you’re never alone.


The Gateways

12-Step Spirituality

Discover 12-Step Living – The Law of Attraction in ACTION! Attraction is how the Steps work, so all of the real transformation happens inside! Each week Dr. Jane will introduce a layer of Strength-based recovery from addiction and self-defeating beliefs that get in the way of living a FREE life.

The Gateways are a holistic, inter-spiritual method to support and expand a lifetime of 12 Step Recovery.


Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Why after 2,000 or more years has humanity refused to accept and apply the wisdom that has been available to us that would assure the life we have such a strong desire to live? Why do we deny the truth of who we are in exchange for who we believe ourselves to be? How different might life be if we applied this ancient wisdom to our modern world?

Join host and author Jim Phillips as he explores these questions and more in Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World. The simplicity of the answers might surprise you; however, it is in the simplicity that we find the true wisdom.


The Sacral Circle

Healing Sexual Trauma

The Sacral Circle is a non-judgmental self-love haven where women can safely share and heal the shame and pain associated with the emotional, mental, and physical effects of sexual trauma. Host Janie Terrazas brings inspirational support, words of comfort, and empowering healing advice.

Listen to other women’s’ stories of triumph as you are supported on your own healing journey.


Sacred Stories

Sharing Divine Voices

There is a power and a resonance in our shared experiences. The authors and speakers who are interviewed, courageously share their personal sacred stories and the wisdom they have gained in service to raising the vibration of our greater collective consciousness.

Host Rev. Patricia Cagganello is an interfaith minister and a sacred storyteller and it is her honor to bring our beautiful Sacred Stories to the world.


Empath Inspiration

Empowering Empaths

Empath Inspiration empowers empaths to live healthy, productive lives. Host, Dr. Janice Carlin, is an empath, author, intuitive channel, and natural health and holistic nutrition consultant.

Each week, she answers listener questions and shares practical information, tools, and support that empaths can apply to their daily lives to bring about vibrancy, peace, joy, and wellbeing.