Rev. Misty Tyme

“Forgiveness is the link between love and healing”

The cornerstone of Rev. Misty’s work is with The Forgiveness Algorithm(r), a step-by-step tool she developed to help individuals let go of anger and unforgiveness.

Sacred Story

Soon after my graduation and ordination from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, my twin brother took his own life. He was an alcoholic and had a raging temper.

After his death, all the damaging and destructive memories I had of him twirled together with my grief. Faced with deep sadness and anger, I longed to feel better. I wanted to let it all go, and I wanted to forgive. But I didn’t know how.

That’s when I decided I needed to discover the truth about forgiveness. I needed to discover how to forgive.

I went back to all my seminary teachings. I uncovered that all major religions and society agree that forgiveness is a good idea, but each was missing the how.

In my discovery that most people struggle with letting go of past hurts, I developed The Forgiveness Algorithm(r). I then used this step-by-step tool to help me forgive my twin brother and heal from my pain and loss. This then inspired me to share this solution with others struggling with un-forgiveness.

I truly believe that The Forgiveness Algorithm(r) was given to me from God and that everyone has the opportunity to heal from pain and loss by practicing forgiveness.


Rev. Misty Tyme is a forgiveness expert, author, speaker, and creator of The Forgiveness Algorithm(r).  Rev. Misty’s new book is The Forgiveness Solution: A Step by Step Process to Let It Go.

Her mission is clear: to bring a forgiveness tool to a cynical world that is craving a way to let go of pain and anger. Armed with the motto that “forgiveness is the link between love and healing,” she believes when we practice forgiveness, we make room for the good life God has intended for each one of us.

With a gift for opening hearts through her humorous and touching stories, Rev. Misty is known for uplifting and enlightening audiences across the U.S. through her talks and workshops.

Rev. Misty was ordained in 2015 after spending two years in One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Previously, she had a long successful career in corporate health care.

You can reach Rev. Misty at and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, tune in to Rev. Misty on her Sacred Stories podcast, The Forgiveness Solution.


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Fun Facts:
  • Rev. Misty lives in Boise, Idaho, and San Diego, California and is a wife and mother of six children.
  • Rev. Misty joined the Navy reserve when she was 28 and was the first Female to lead her unit to Honor Company at her base.
  • She loves Easter! Rev. Misty has her own Giant Pink Mrs. Easter bunny costume and plays the Easter bunny for all the kids and at the Senior Center to spread the Easter Joy.