The Sacral Circle – Unresolved Trauma Led to My Destruction

18 Oct The Sacral Circle – Unresolved Trauma Led to My Destruction

“I held on to so much pain because there was no one to talk to.” – Joseph Brooks

Joseph Brooks is one of the many men who is bravely coming forth and speaking out about his trauma. He shares with host Janie Terrazas, for the first time publicly how he was sexually and physically abused throughout his childhood by various caretakers, including male and female family members.  Aside from sexual victimization he was also tormented and bullied at school. When his father died at a young age he began to spin into a deep depression. “I held on to so much pain because there was no one to talk to. I projected my anger and resentment onto women…in my view they were a source of pain.”

He began to abuse alcohol to numb the pain, but it only worsened his depression and rage.  After a failed suicide attempt he spiraled down further and eventually hit rock bottom. He said he had a void in his heart and hole in his chest until the grace of God transformed him. Now he ministers to others who have experienced this darkness.

Bio: Since 1986, Joseph has worked in the health and fitness industry. He’s the owner of Next Level Personal Training and is involved in his community as a pastor and motivational speaker. He’s been a supporter of several women’s empowerment events and non-profits, such as the LUYA Women’s Conference and Trinity Grace Fellowship. He’s the creator of “The Value of a Woman” Seminar, and is a regular on “REAL TALK/REAL MEN”. Joseph created the S.T.R.O.N.G.E.R. Anti-Bullying program for the youth of San Antonio, and BABS (Be Alert Be Safe) a self-defense program for women.  Additionally, he’s the author of “The Fast & Pray Diet” 21-days to a Breakthrough. Joseph has been trusted by celebrities, physicians, parents and seniors to help them achieve overall health and well-being. Contact: 

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