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04 Oct The Forgiveness Solution: Go To Therapy?!?

Go to therapy?!? Rev Misty says Yes and go now! Why? Because therapy can help you understand past events in your life and how they affect your mind, body and spirit today. Whether you have experienced abuse, addiction, spiritual issues, anger, depression or other trauma seeing a licensed therapist can help you mend what is broken in your life and in your heart.

Listen in while Rev. Misty interviews Kathy Penfield, LMFT, and discusses how to find a therapist along with exciting new therapies. Please join us for this informative and touching interview that will help you on your journey of forgiveness.


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20 Sep The Forgiveness Solution: Situational Forgiveness

What is situational forgiveness? Rev. Misty Tyme interviews Elizabeth Van Tassel, a Gemologist, Author and wildfire survivor who lost all her possessions and home in a national disaster. Just when most people could get mad at God for all that was taken away, Elizabeth found forgiveness thru the power of resilience, faith, and family. Her stories of survival help others to rise above circumstances and begin meaningful life changes.

Join Rev. Misty and Elizabeth as they discuss how you can have forgiveness in your life after tragedy.

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08 Sep The Forgiveness Solution: Expectations, Hopes, and Dreams

Expectations, hopes, and dreams!!! Host Rev. Misty Tyme puts expectations and un-forgiveness into real world perspective. Some people just do not have the will or the skill to live up to what or who they were supposed to be in your life. It is sad and unfortunate. This can cause so much hurt, pain, and un-forgiveness.

Thank God for hopes and dreams!  Rev. Misty will help you have high expectations for a better tomorrow with the joy forgiveness offers!

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23 Aug The Forgiveness Solution: Self-Forgiveness

Cyndie Silbert shares her own self-forgiveness story with Rev. Misty in this powerful interview that shows we all need self-forgiveness as much as we need to forgive others.

Cyndie a celebrated author and founder of Feminine Mastery Online Workshop helps you awaken the power of your true self and unique essence with a transformational process. With strong divine guidance and your talent, Cyndie helps you see what was always there, your true calling.

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