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28 Jul callingtherealYOU – 7 Tips To Find Your Divine Path Of Instinct

Join host Pamella Horton and experience the shift from ego existing to soul living!

Most people have ego-ego relationships versus soul-soul relationships.  The more we live from our ego the more ego takes over and dims our soul’s guiding light, ultimately interfering with our Divine path of instinct.

Pamella shares that making the shift takes practice and kindness. Her personal shift from ego existence to soul living transformed her from:  victim to victor, anxiety to peace, divorced to married bliss, financial ruin to abundance, fat to fit, fear to confidence, “rat race” to semi-retired, always seeking to “having it all” to being grateful for already having it all.

Pamella’s hope is to inspire you to look at the real you, your soul, with a new point of view by following your Divine plan.


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17 Jul What Will Your Sacred Story Be?

The stakes are high and there is no more time for do-overs.
With every thought, word, and deed you choose whether a conscious or unconscious choice ~ you are writing your individual sacred story and contributing to the sacred story of our shared consciousness.
You must recognize and embrace your reason for incarnating in this time and that is to help raise the vibration… increase the energetic frequency… shine Light onto the denseness… whatever you resonate with…
you must do it now.
Step into your sacred power and shine your Divine Light.
Share your spiritual gifts with confidence and power.
We need you.
We need all of us.

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26 Jun Wisdom Gained

It is time to change the language around our sacred nature and reason for being here.
You are not small and you are not here to learn lessons to somehow evolve on a spiritual ladder.
Truly is that the best our God, Source, Universe, Higher Power, Collective Consciousness, All That Is… could come up with?
Lessons to learn throughout eternity?
If so, then I call Game Over!
The truth is you are a sacred being that is magnificent beyond comprehension and you are here to gain wisdom from your experiences for the greater expansion and elevation of Consciousness.
The experiences you have are not punitive and you are not so small that you have to learn them again and again throughout lifetimes!
The reality is the past lives you may be remembering may not even be yours… but energies of the Collective.
You are a sacred being that has come here to experience and then clear the negative, lower vibrational energies for the Collective Consciousness.
Our spiritual awakening – our expansion of Consciousness – is our remembering who we are and why we are here – to raise the energetic vibration to one of love and joy by releasing our collective attachment to the pain and trauma of the experience and return the wisdom gained to the Collective.
That is the magnificent sacred being YOU really are!

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02 May Do you want to break open with emotion?

Do you ever feel something so deeply that it hurts?
Does your body ache with a longing for more…
a deeper connection
an understanding
a breakthrough?
And you know that if you could just go a little deeper
you would feel it
know it
BE it, fully?
I feel like that.
Just beyond the physicality of the emotion… I know there is more.
There is a sweetness.
My soul is in the sweetness.
I want to break open with emotion… and be in the sweetness.

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