The Spiritual Warrior’s Call to Action

02 May The Spiritual Warrior’s Call to Action

The events in Paris yesterday are the spiritual warrior’s call to action and our response needs to be fierce and swift.
Not a response of more violence and hate that moves us further away from our humanity, but a fierce and swift response of stepping fully into our presence and power as sacred beings.
It is time to stop waiting for someone else to do it – whether that be your neighbor, the angels, or God itself.
We are sacred beings incarnated and it is our responsibility to shine our Divine Light in this world.
It is time for all of us to move away from the ‘me’.
The ‘me’ that holds the worry, fear, and doubt of whether you are good enough, or strong enough, or your voice and gifts are needed. The ‘me’ where your Divine Light is diminished.
It is time for all of us to step into the ‘WE’.
To be in service above self.
Jesus said “Where two or more are gathered” because Jesus knew the power of the ‘WE’ is exponentially greater than the ‘me’.
How do you step into the ‘WE’?
You start by acknowledging YOUR Divine essence.
YOU are a sacred being that is loved and supported and powerful beyond measure. Own that truth.
Then go within. What stirs YOUR soul? What is the gift that YOU are to bring? How can YOU serve?
If you have the gift of a healer – heal the physical and emotional wounds of others with your healing hands and energy.
If you have the gift of prose – write inspiring words.
If you are an artist – create beautiful works that speak to the heart.
If you are a farmer or a cook – feed anothers body and soul.
If you have a brave heart – step in when others fear to do so.
If your gift is a kind smile and a warm embrace – then generously share kindness, hugs, and your presence with others.
There is no gift too small to bring. No sacred being among us that is less than another.
When YOU make the choice to finally BE the Sacred Being that YOU are and share YOUR gifts with others – together our Divine Light and Power are exponentially increased.
YOU are a warrior and YOU are needed now.
Step into the WE.
Shine YOUR Divine Light Bright.
~Rev. Patricia Brooks

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