They Said She Would Never Bloom

02 May They Said She Would Never Bloom

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something?
Felt discouraged by the opinions of others or didn’t pursue something you wanted because you were afraid of being judged?

I have! I believe we all have!

Why is that? Why do we allow other people’s judgments, even the most well-meaning of judgments, to impact the life we want to create… the life we are meant to live?

This is a picture of one of the six beautiful lilac trees I have in my yard. Each spring, for the past ten years I have watched the other lilac trees bloom and I have marveled at their beauty. Each year this one only offered her beautiful green leaves.

I waited for years, each Spring peeking into her green leaves hoping to see flower buds, only to be disappointed again.

I was told she would never bloom. I was told she must be a male tree and only there to help the female trees bloom. I was told that sometimes there are those that for one reason or another…. just never bloom.

So I accepted that. I accepted that my beautiful lilac tree was ‘good enough’ with just her green leaves. I accepted that for some reason she wasn’t meant to bloom. I accepted that this was just the way it was and I stopped hoping for her to burst forth with her flowers. I sadly even stopped paying her much attention because I assumed I knew all there was to know about her.

And then it happened.

This morning I saw her covered in buds, her flowers ready to burst forth. After a long rainy day yesterday and an incredibly cold winter just passed, my beautiful lilac tree is ready!

It is now her time to bloom.

So let’s do ourselves a favor and lose the judgment we perceive from others!

They aren’t us!

They don’t see through our eyes or touch with our hands.

They don’t feel the quickening of our hearts when we are excited or the catch of our breath when we are inspired.

They don’t lie awake at night wondering of our future or cry our tears when we are hurt.

And they certainly don’t feel the stirrings of our soul or hear that still small voice, our Higher Self, speaking to us!

We are all like my beautiful lilac tree. We are judged by others. We are overlooked. We are told some things are just not meant to be. We are told we should just accept the way things are and stop hoping or trying for more.

But they are wrong. They don’t really know because they aren’t us!

And then it happened.

Our time has come.

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